With We All Search we want to create a company in the spirit of the surf and skate culture. We have found love, long lasting relationships and friends in this community, and we have found a dedication to living a simple sustainable life in the passion for searching the holistic experience of flow on the board. Our proposition is that our products and everything that we offer is an expression of this vision.

We All Search will give back to the surfing and skateboarding community what we have received in form of honest and dedicated involvement in the development of the board culture. Our aim is to create a company that at the same time is a playground for this culture. We are constantly working on building a network of collaborators - everything from artists to teachers who can help us bring our vision to life. 

We All Search is founded by Mikkel Fangel Poulsen, who is a designer, surfer and searcher, always looking for the next breaking wave.  

We All Search
Mikkel Fangel Poulsen